Episode 24: Platonic Doughnuts

We made it to the last month of 2017! This episode we are joined by Bryden and Kelsey, who came all the way from Sydney, Australia just to record a podcast with us! We talk about live theater, our mutual love of Taika Waititi, the guys over at The Bible Project, and the incredible new album by U2. Tim also fans the flames of the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand and makes the ladies pick their favorite. We also wonder what has happened to Taylor Swift to make her so dark and depressed, complain about earworms, Bryden’s love/hate relationship with cheesy Christmas movies, and we try and discuss the dangers of the death of Net Neutrality. Whew! All that in one episode!!!
Music heard in this episode all comes from the U2 album, Songs of Experience and include:
“Red Flag Day”
“American Soul”
“The Showman (A Little Bit Better)”
The Bible Project video, “Justice:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A14THPoc4-4

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