Episode 10: Cheetos Cheaters

In this milestone episode (double digits!) of the podcast, Russ gives a review of the new Matthew McConaughey movie Free State of Jones, Tim trips down memory lane with the miniseries on CNN, The Eighties, and Andrew likes the 3/4 that he has read of the book, The Girl With […]

Episode 9: Expert Excerpt

In this edition of the Pumping Irony podcast, Tim tries to talk and fails, but Russ saves the day! We talk about the new Lonely Island movie, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (and why nobody went and saw it), all the flavors of the Cornetto Trilogy, and the book, Your […]

Episode 8: The Grinder Rests

In this episode, we talk about hipster culture in the Portland, learning what it means to be human from a robot, punk bands vs. skinheads, how the Network giveth, and the Network taketh away, Russ once again hates a movie’s preview, and Andrew alerts us to Canada’s war on Spider-man! […]

Episode 007: From Columbia With Love

Today we’re talking about death defying train stunts, famous singers from Columbia, gorgeous criminals trying to save humanity, TV shows that are so bad they make you angry for weeks, why Tim hates a beloved Superbowl commercial, and another celebrity death (but definitely not the one you’re thinking of). Music from this […]

Episode 6: Pie and Ride

We’re back from a break and today we’re talking about the exciting terrain of Iowa, time bending video games, the adventures of Bat Kid, naked animals, Tim’s controversial stance on things that break down, bad Christian movies, and whether or not Zootopia is capitalist propaganda. Intro music for this episode […]

Episode 5: Spanish Western

Today we’re talking about why Escondido (the band not the city) is great, Daredevil Season 2, a Star Wars fan film called DARTH MAUL: Apprentice, why the new Ben Hur trailer makes Russ grumpy, why DC’s Legends of Tomorrow treats its fans like they are dumb, and why Tim is disappointed […]

Episode 4: One Beer, But Not Two

Today we’re discussing 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, the crushing disappointment that occurs when Russ is right about something, Watchmen, and the loss of George Martin. Intro music for this episode is I Think We’re Alone Now by Tommy […]

Episode 3: Going Full Lucas

After a couple of special themed episodes we are back to our normal episode format.  In this episode we talk about things we like, including The Magicians, The Goldbergs, and Room 237.  We also rant about the rising cost of concerts in small clubs, terrible people who don’t like The Witch, […]

We Have A Facebook Page!

Russ set up a Facebook page for the show at facebook.com/pumpingironypodcast/.  Head on over there, Like it, and let us know what you think!

Episode 2: 2015 Recap 3

We’re talking about some of our favorite (and least favorite things) from 2015!  Hear about Russ’s favorite movies, Tim’s favorite music, and Andrew’s favorite new TV from the last year.  Let us know in the comments at PumpingIronyPodcast.com or on our Facebook page what some of your favorite things from the […]