Episode 21: It’s Pronounced ‘Vangelis.’

The guys are back and they are talking about movies they loved but everyone else hated and movies that some loved and others hated and some movies that get better with time. Music heard in this episode is from the Blade Runner Soundtrack by Vangelis. Songs: Blade Runner End Titles, […]

Episode 20: Crazy Town Banana Pants

The guys are back and are ready to bring you a full episode of pop culture goodness! We talk about a couple of shows on TV, one dark and one that is completely bonkers! Tim talks about his boss…no wait, he talks about THE BOSS, Bruce Springsteen. We also talk […]

Episode 19: Sponsored by the Heist Industry

In this special episode, returning guest, Nic is joined by his girlfriend, Emma for the show’s first female guest host! She brings her feminine perspective to the show and also alerts us to the tragedy that is pocket sizes on women’s pants. We talk a lot about who would be […]

Episode 17: Starring John Cena!

The boys are back for this episode! We discuss great shows on Hulu and Netflix, how to fill your Downton Abbey hole, alien life forms bent on destroying¬†humanity, bad Nicholas Cage movies, why John Cena is doing the voice of a cartoon cow, and the unfairness of the level of […]

Episode 16: Sniffing the Cube

Russ and Tim are joined this time by Russ’ son, Nic. We talk a lot about a certain giant ape named Kong and the various movies he has appeared in…some good and some bad. We also talk about brain games and lazy reboots. Also, Tim shares his how he gets […]

Episode 15: Radical Moose Lambs

Description: Things get back to normal for the podcast crew after two special episodes. We talk about talking dragons and suburban zombies and a little-known rock band from England. We also talk about bad movies and unnatural things coming from Taco Bell these days. Join in on the fun by […]

Episode 14: 2016 Recap

Here they are – our favorites of 2016 in music, movies, and TV! 2016 was a good year (except for all those we lost) and we are hoping 2017 is just as exciting! Let us know what some of your favorites were by commenting on the website – www.pumpingironypodcast.com or […]

Episode 13: Rogue One: A Pumping Irony Recap

The Pumping Irony Podcast crew are back after a brief sabbatical! This episode is dedicated entirely to talking about the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. We have some tricky editing in the first section as we talk about the death of Carrie Fisher and then everyone forgets that it […]

Episode 12: Episode 13

Songs: “Gentle and Soft” by The Blue Jean Committee; “Walking Shoes” by The Blue Jean Committee; “Main Title and Calvera” by Elmer Bernstein. ¬†Join the podcast crew as they are joined by their friend Domenic for a special super-sized episode of the Pumping Irony podcast! This week we talk about […]

Episode 11: I Would Seriously Date That Movie

The guys are back! What have they been up to and why has it taken them so long to get a podcast out??! We answer those questions and Russ talks about the pilot for the new live action show, “The Tick” on Amazon Prime. Tim is once again stuck in […]